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We have X number of books on how to achieve maximum in the minimum amount of time. Hmmmmm….time seems to be ticking away…That is why my favorite line is that life is too short, so don’t hold anger or jealousy, don’t blame someone else by depending on them. Do what you can and just be happy. It’s not worth carrying extra load.

So, having said that, how many of us actually implement all the good, workable and inspiring things we read in these helpful books? Many such books suggest one simple thing to do. WRITE down our goals, affirmations, dreams…whatever we want. But is it implemented? When we read it in the book, we are all geared up that this XYZ book answers our style. We think we will do these things. As soon as we put the book down, we forget. Then we end up having Monday blues! What is simple is pooh-pooh. People can’t accept that life IS simple.

Many go and join ashram groups, go to bhajan-kirtans, ‘sat-sangs’. They leave that area and ka-boom, they are back to their old selves. All that motivated them during the discourse they forget as soon as they have to haggle with the auto fellow. Or as soon as they get behind the wheel.

The person giving the discourse may have positive vibrations that can help motivate you for that duration. He/She may not necessarily have such an aura  for it to continue with us, as we leave the venue. It’s the feeling that we carry inside us that can further help us.  The book  awakens our enthusiasm, fires us up….then the levels just drop. What happens?

The discourses or books can just do that-Motivate. But it’s us who has to do the rest. Even a guru can take the disciple only so far. The ultimate journey is ALWAYS ours. The ways to re-align ourselves with God may be many but the effort is only and always from us. And yes, the way is simple. What is under our nose is never seen and rarely understood!!

 Wake up! Set goals, write down the affirmations, make charts or wheels, whatever works, but take the first step and DO something. We are taught ways to maximize our time on earth in this birth. So, let’s make sensible use of this opportunity. But just like we might want to be VP of the company we work in we must know and focus on where we want our life going.

Working on a better NOW….for that simple and fantastic experience of  BEING……from the lotus pond.


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