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I am back to the nautilus shell’s spiraling mystery. My facination has not waned. The more I look at it the more information seems to flow intuitively. So amazing, fantastic, mind boggling….any number of adjectives can be added but the best is humbling. Yes, the simplicity of Divinity is so humbling that it is an emotion that has to be experienced.

When a babe comes into this world we rejoice the arrival of a new life. We comment on what we see manifested. Along with the life in the baby, it’s counterpart death also exists, unmanifested. As we grow we Radiate outwards. Our energy is thrown into LIFE. With increasing age, deterioration sets into the physical. We begin our return journey to the centre , the bindu, from whence we began. Now, approaching DEATH is manifested and LIFE slowly becomes the unmanifested. The cycle of birth and death continues.

Having radiated outward in so many of our lives, if we can gravitate to the centre especially when the LIFE energy is at its greatest then we live in continuous bliss. Heaven on earth. Difficult? Yes. It requires determination, focus and perseverance. Impossible? Not at all. We break the cycle of birth and death. Then Lord Shiva stops wearing the mund mala as Devi Parvathi will always be by his side. That is the story of Amarnath.

Our rishis of yore, shared with us the benefits of the yantras. They are diagrams, usually geometrical and symetrical. They are symbols, the language of life. Meditating on a chosen yantra, makes you understand what it conveys fully. Egyptians and the Orients too used and use such techniques. Becoming the yantra itself , is going deep into the chosen object where no separation exists. The yantra is you and you are it. The first part, that is experiencing the separation, is radiation. The experience of oneness is gravitation.

Our breathing too is in cycles. We don’t have to go externally looking for yantras. If we can experience us by becoming the inspiration and expiration we will have attained oneness. There is a completely new and exciting realm within our own selves waiting to be explored. It’s inexplicable!


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