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I wish to share with you…..if I could throttle you I would….if I could scream in your face I would…..but then, I have learnt over time that no one can change another. The desire should stir from within the self. So, I can only share with you, what I have learnt/experienced.

Like I voiced in my last post, Kundalini is not to be messed with unless you have worked on the yamas and niyamas outlined by the great sage Patanjali. See, in the days of yore, one’s physical body was the experimenting lab. They first conducted all the experiments on their person. They EXPERIENCED their hypothesis on their person. They did not require rats!! Edward Bach, the man behind bach flower remedies ‘became’ the plant he was researching on. In this way he was given the knowledge of which type of people would benefit from this remedy. It is a technique used by our rishis. So, if Patanjali has clearly stated that only following yamas and niyamas, can the rest flow smoothly, it was not without reason.

Following the path of Kundalini Yoga, or playing with powerful pranayams, is not to be compared with buying the latest gizmo and showing off to the neighborhood. This energy is very powerful and should be handled prudently. A soul enters a human body to carry out a particular divine plan. Having this extra energy and not utilising it specifically for your particular divine plan will bring about many health problems. The energy will move to where it is directed. If it is used up for work in the lower chakras it will end up burning those centres because they are just not made to hold higher, purer energy. You wouldn’t know why you have ended up with xyz health problems. When a fire is lit, it rises. If we put it out with water or sand, it dies. Same holds for the Kundalini fire within us, only what dies is the physical body that we have chosen.

Knowledge=freedom…….from the lotus pond.


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A Spiritual Life

How do you lead a spiritual life? Many feel it is something separate. The only thing one needs to do is to take time to sit with oneself whenever one feels the need for soul seeking or answer seeking! Life itself is spiritual then what to do to have a ‘spiritual’ life? Each breadth is a mantra. Each thought a creation. Each thought form a new future. Our own future. Life is like the magnetic slate my daughter plays with. We can always erase and begin to create another future if we don’t like where the current thought pattern is taking us. The spiritual life is nowhere else but now, here, however you are living it.

Physical exercising is very good. Various breathing techniques, pranayams, are also very beneficial. Sitting by yourself, with awareness, witnessing the gamut of thoughts is very revealing and valuable. Dont jump on the thought-train though, one thought linking up with another one and then another one and yet another one!! Then you are not witnessing but one with the thoughts. Have brain-storming sessions with yourself. Ask many questions? Clarity will emerge as the real nature of any situation is worked out. By taking it to bits and pieces you will be able to decide on the right course of action.

For the beautiful spiritual life we all live, we need to but sit alone and listen to us. Just that. The Divinity within will guide us to what is required from the external. A change in diet, to go somewhere, meet some person, or maybe just a small voice from within will guide us, if we stop to listen. There are no coincidences in life. We have been thinking a lot about someone, that person is bound to call sooner or later. It happens because you set that thought in motion. If you have been working on a project or thesis and you meet someone who gives you the information you needed. Or you go to the local library and find a book that gives you the information. It is there because you set the thought in motion. When you send out thought waves seeking information, the information is attracted to you. You are the source that created the necessity for acquiring that information. So, you are the source, it exists because of you, and you are the end too.

Spiritual life is not separate, life itself is spiritual. God is not to be sought, the seeker is God.

Discoveries….from the lotus pond.

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