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My first post for 2011. And this post’s topic is Kundalini. Yup, the famous Kundalini. I’m not going to bore/enlighten my reader with the details of this Shakti. Plenty of material out there to confuse/enlighten. We all have freewill, so we can decide what to do with further reading.

Many now-a-days wish to ‘awaken’ the kundalini shakti. Many profess to teach the ‘art’/method. How many actually understand the meaning of this shakti. How many know what it is already doing within our physical frame. How many are aware what happens if the kundalini shakti is prematurely awakened.

The kundalini is a force, very natural and already active, within all us humans. For those who have observed, not merely seen, nature will understand that it runs its course. And a timely course at that! We are unable to pass urine or stools until time is given for the excreta to form. At the right time it is thrown out of the body. It is natural. Simple.

When we begin to learn driving, we lack steadiness and confidence. As we clear our obstacles, emotionally or physically the path clears automatically. It is natural. Simple. Nature is simple. When we first begin to clear the path by following our intuition, ‘still small voice’, hunch or reading and implementing conscientiously Patanjali’s yoga sutras, the path clears for Kundalini’s blissful chakral movements. Excreta/muck gathered over lives, that gathered in the course of the current life, has to be thrown out, so that a timely movement is given way to. She is the mother and she knows her child well.

Dear reader, whether kundalini enthusiast or not, remember that nature is simple. Nature takes a timely course.

Understandings…….from the lotus pond.


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