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A crow was my inspiration for this post! Well, why not? I was lying there looking out the window when I spotted a crow. Big fellow and completely black, no grey at all. I got to wondering about their communication. They caw and call on their kind to share the meat thrown in someone’s dustbin. They caw and swoop down to eat the rice and lentils topped with clarified butter at a brahmin’s house. So, do they have some sort of vocabulary? Do they add new words? ‘Ah no! What is the motivation for them at their level?’ is what I asked myself.

‘What is our motivation?’ I asked myself.

‘The excitement of growth’ came the reply from within

‘So who motivates us, God or ourselves? But if we are God (in the unrealized state) then who is the Motivator and who the Motivated?’ asked I.

When there is only the Absoulte who is both darkness and light, manifested and unmanifested then only the Absolute can be the Motivator and the Motivated. Both are separate AND the same ONE.

This reminds me of the nautilius shell with its spiral formation. We can go to the outermost manifestations that our desires can take us, ultimately,we have to take the journey back within. That is our Absoulte resting place. That journey we have all begun….

From the murky waters of the lotus pond, comes this light…..


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