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I wish to share with you…..if I could throttle you I would….if I could scream in your face I would…..but then, I have learnt over time that no one can change another. The desire should stir from within the self. So, I can only share with you, what I have learnt/experienced.

Like I voiced in my last post, Kundalini is not to be messed with unless you have worked on the yamas and niyamas outlined by the great sage Patanjali. See, in the days of yore, one’s physical body was the experimenting lab. They first conducted all the experiments on their person. They EXPERIENCED their hypothesis on their person. They did not require rats!! Edward Bach, the man behind bach flower remedies ‘became’ the plant he was researching on. In this way he was given the knowledge of which type of people would benefit from this remedy. It is a technique used by our rishis. So, if Patanjali has clearly stated that only following yamas and niyamas, can the rest flow smoothly, it was not without reason.

Following the path of Kundalini Yoga, or playing with powerful pranayams, is not to be compared with buying the latest gizmo and showing off to the neighborhood. This energy is very powerful and should be handled prudently. A soul enters a human body to carry out a particular divine plan. Having this extra energy and not utilising it specifically for your particular divine plan will bring about many health problems. The energy will move to where it is directed. If it is used up for work in the lower chakras it will end up burning those centres because they are just not made to hold higher, purer energy. You wouldn’t know why you have ended up with xyz health problems. When a fire is lit, it rises. If we put it out with water or sand, it dies. Same holds for the Kundalini fire within us, only what dies is the physical body that we have chosen.

Knowledge=freedom…….from the lotus pond.


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My first post for 2010! During the Christmas hols, we all went to Thiruvannamalai. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped as the Fire element. We also have the famous Ramana Ashrama of Ramana Maharishi. The atmosphere does have something different in it. The air is much lighter to where I currently stay! So is the cost of living!!

Here, I am reminded of the incident between Lord Vishnu and Brahma about which of them was greater. During their heated argument, suddenly, a great column of light arose. They decided to find the beginning and end of this column of light. Lord Brahma alighted his vehicle, the swan and rose upwards. Lord Vishnu decided to descend. In the end, both failed to find the beginning or the end of this light. Accepting defeat, they implored to the light to reveal itself. To their surprise Lord Shiva emerged from the light.

That column of light is Lord Shiva, represented by the fire element at Thiruvannamalai. The light is none other than Time, having no beginning or end. So, it can be assumed that Time is vertical and not linear as we have always thought, right? Perhaps, that is the reason why we point upwards to the heavens, as the future. That being everyone’s ultimate destination!! Then, obviously, the ‘patala’ is our past. Is it not typical of us humans to bury the past, sweep it under the carpet…..etcetera?

Come to think of it, Time has to be vertical and not linear. If our past, present and future is NOW in this present moment that I am typing this….then the stage when I was forming this in my head exists, the time now that I am typing exists and surely the completed post already exists! So all this cannot exist simultaneously on a linear line or number line (like my son used to use in his younger classes). So has the idea of writing about Time come to me from the completed post from the future? Clocks and watches are circular…well usually, only to demonstrate that Time is cyclical. Everything is in cycles. The knowledge of the Yogis and Rishis are brought through as the various healing techniques made popular in recent times. The flying machine must have existed in time, sometime, for the Wright Bros to pick up on…right? How could Vyasa have written of flying machines of Ravana in the Mahabharatha. How did Lord Ram fly to Ayodhya for his coronation?

What are we doing here? Are we picking something from the past and putting it in the future? Or is the future becoming our past? If Time is only NOW, then…..not only does my current life exist but also all my other lives IS existing simultaneously!! That means that Time is not moving….we are! Fine, the clocks ticks away…there is day and night. But it is us who undergo wear and tear and finally fade out…DEATH. Time is still there when we come back dressed in a new body. The Sun and the Moon are still there too. No guarantees about the moon though. That is if we decide to inhabit it, or mine it. The human touch….can sometimes be deadly, sadly.

 Let’s all continue till we make Satya Yuga our future….a wish…from the lotus pond.

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