So we fall in love then we also fall out of love. Then we again fall in love. We go through falling in and out of love throughout our lives. Come to think about all the times we have been in and out of loving someone, it takes up a major portion of our life on earth. So many emotional uphevals and all the physical ailments we end up with. Some abuse drugs and alcohol and make life even more miserable.

Am I against love? On the contrary, I am a die-hard romantic!! And I guess, I can think of love this way because I give so much importance to this fantastic feeling. The only difference with the majority is that they are all still falling, hurting and allowing time to take care of the pain. We FALL in love because we look for WHOLESOMENESS in someone external. We think and feel that the someone special will compliment and COMPLETE us. This is the first wrong approach. WE ARE ALL BORN COMPLETE FROM WITHIN. We find it difficult to fathom.

We spend so much time in the external world with friends, movies, games, socializing, etc. We hardly spend any quality time with ourselves. If we got to know ourselves, really got to know, from the inside out, then we would know what we are looking for in the external. We firstly don’t know what we want for ourselves and we go hunting for that something which will make us feel loved, secure, wanted and give us a sense of belonging. This is the second wrong approach. WE NEED TO KEEP QUESTIONING OURSELVES. FIND US FIRST. We are working the other way round. That’s why we end with up pain.

Man looks for contentment on three factors. One is the physical material world. If he has money to buy, clothes to wear, food to eat and a roof over his head and most importantly finds CONTENTMENT in what he has then he moves to his emotional side.

If man is able to feel loved, secure in love, and get his sense of belonging by first loving and accepting himself then he need not spend most of his earthly life seeking this externally. We fail to see that love flows from within to the out/external. If man loves himself he will be able to receive in abundance. Once there is CONTENTMENT of giving , sharing and receiving love, then only can man willingly move into the spiritual aspect of his personality. Till then we move in cycles in one life and continue the cycle of birth, death and birth.

Journeying onward on further enlightenment….from the lotus pond.


Sometime or the other all of us have fallen in love, but very few have managed to Rise in love. Love, actually is supposed to liberate. When love is ONLY for the sake of love it is liberating, thus we Rise in love. But with the majority love becomes as much a bondage as untold wealth to the rich. So, one ends up falling in love rather than rising. The same insecurity that plagues the wealthy is present in the one who loves and also in the one who is being loved. They want to hold on to love lest it slips out of their fingers.

Through love we try to find that ‘something’ that we feel is missing. That something is UNITY. We seek it through love, through sex, but deep within we know we have not attained it. We exchange energy with whomsoever we meet and interact. The other’s energy can touch us at any level. When there is a similar vibrational frequency we wish to interact more often. Our energy  creates an impression on the mind of the other just as the other individual’s has created on us. The impressions created are our own presumptions. What we have done though is to love the impression and not the person at all. So, the delusion sets in and we end up Falling in love.

Love for the sake of love and that love shall liberate. Don’t love for the feeling of ‘completeness’ for we are already complete.

My journey goes on….from the lotus pond.

Ram Navami

Today is Ram Navami and my family is at the temple and me here at home, blogging! We were told that the idols would be placed on a swing and decorated. They have all gone to see that yet I am here listening to the Hanuman Chalisa. Now, Hanuman Aarti is playing and I tell you I am on the swing of Bhakti. I am totally enjoying this peaceful time, alone at home. Is my family wrong to go to the temple? Am I right in staying at home? There is no right or wrong of anything, so there can be no further argument. The only difference I feel is that here in the NOW it is just me and my CREATOR  instead of the energy mingling with all those people pushing and jostling to get a better view of the idols.

Do I love temples? Yes, the old ones but I am put off with the crowd. I’d rather enjoy my ONENESS peacefully at home or at the beach! I’m enjoying the Hanuman Chalisa on Ram Navami as I just admire and adore the devotion that Hanuman had for Rama. That devotion and surrender, if we could inculcate into our life, we would not be experiencing so much chaos.

It’s been a long, unplanned break from blogging…….and so much has transpired. We finally got the approval to construct our dream home! After a wait of more than two years and a lot of goose chasing!! Ever since then, I have been pouring over the internet and magazines to understand the latest techs in interiors and architecture too. I did not know that the front look of the building was called the elevation!! Its not part of the whole deal, the builder is charging us extra on that….so I went back to my drawing board to see how to beautify and keep it in a decent range.

There are so many tiles for the bathroom that I havent been able to concentrate on the kitchen. Actually, I wanted the olden style of red oxide flooring for the kitchen…..nice oldy-worldy feel, but as the builder does not know of anyone who could deliver with good finish I have had to chuck the Indian look to European look. I might as well be cooking in my brother’s kitchen! Only our fridge will not be storing the cold meat!!

Then should we go for solar panels to conserve on energy or not, is the next question. Then where will the pergola go, on the terrace or on ground floor? Wall mounting units or floor mounting? Have been asking all my relatives how they find the wall mounting technique. Havent begun to think about the painting!! To top all this, it is time for the annual exams and I am preparing for the fourth standard exams along with my son! He is so excited that he will use fountain pens from next year. I am not that excited as I have to go look for a new cleaning agent to get rid of ink stains!! Anyone any ideas??

With much more going in my life right now…..from the lotus pond.

In the rain….

Ever walk in the pouring rain? I don’t mean the times when you have had no umbrella and are forced to walk or rather dodge the rain. I mean doing it on purpose, just for the sake of getting wet. When I told my cousins and friends they thought me nuts. But I….I totally enjoyed the experience. When people around me are having Machu Pichu, paragliding, haunted forts on their lists….I had this on my wish list since a teenager.

I happened to be caught out in this sudden heavy rain. After finishing my work I put my purse and mobile safely in a plastic bag and clutched it to my body. I just wanted to get in the rain. It was such a spontaneous feeling within me and I ‘think’ about it. I just followed my instinct. Everyone around me looked as though I was crazy. When they were all dodging the rain and standing at shops to avoid getting wet, I just purposefully stepped out into the rain.

Am I a rebel? I don’t know, I just fulfilled a long time yearning. I walked my normal measured steps. I was in no hurry to reach home. I kicked the water, jumped in the puddles, even the little ones! It felt so liberating. It is something to experience. I sang an old-time movie song, skipped, my God! what all I did! The roads were deserted. It was just me walking all alone. Getting wet in the continuous downpour.

On reaching home, my son stared at me, my husband exclaimed ‘Why you are soaked! What did you do?’ And I broke into a jive on our portico which my son joined!! I enjoyed the thrill of climbing up to witness the view at Machu Pichu, my heart para-glided and all souls with my vibrations would have enjoyed with me!! All this at no cost at all!! Just me and nature..

Little wishes come true…..from the lotus pond.

Note: I did not catch a cold!

Ok, this post is different as I have till date not shared anything to do with alternative meds. But this whole episode was so interesting for me so……here I am. You never know…mayb somewhere someone is looking for this info.

This begins two days before my trip to Thiruvannamalai. I was having continuous sneezing. Clear and watery mucus. Usually, Nat Mur 6X does the trick for me. Having just partial relief and wanting faster results, I took a dose of Nat Mur 200. All the sneezing stopped. I did not give it much thought as I wanted to get the resort reservations done without delay. The next day when I had a few more sneezes I straight took another dose of 200. My sneezing stopped but by evening I had little eruptions all over my face and neck. What a way to begin my vacation!!

I put it down to an allergy and took something for it but nothing worked. I could not stand being in the sun as the heat would irritate it further. There was little burning but not much itching. For more than two days there was no cooking done by me but when I got back home I could not take the heat in the kitchen. It would aggravate my itchiness. To make a long story short, this is what I did. I took an antibiotic for 5 days and it subsided but I could not get rid of the dryness that I felt on my face. Frequent application of coconut oil only suited my skin, at that time.

After finishing the antibiotic course, in two days time it erupted once again! Understandably, I was upset and was running the events in my head that led up to this situation. I suddenly remembered the Nat Mur 200 dose that I took for my sneezes. On a hunch I went and read up its symptoms in the Materia Medica(Kent) and was amazed at what  goofball I had been. So, I started taking Nat Mur 6X once again, as and when the irritation set in. As it is a deep reacting tissue salt I needed it twice a day. After a week now, my skin is completely healed and does not feel like it is tightly pulled across the face.

I learnt not to fool around with 200 power. Unnecessarily!

Revelations…..from the lotus pond.


My first post for 2010! During the Christmas hols, we all went to Thiruvannamalai. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped as the Fire element. We also have the famous Ramana Ashrama of Ramana Maharishi. The atmosphere does have something different in it. The air is much lighter to where I currently stay! So is the cost of living!!

Here, I am reminded of the incident between Lord Vishnu and Brahma about which of them was greater. During their heated argument, suddenly, a great column of light arose. They decided to find the beginning and end of this column of light. Lord Brahma alighted his vehicle, the swan and rose upwards. Lord Vishnu decided to descend. In the end, both failed to find the beginning or the end of this light. Accepting defeat, they implored to the light to reveal itself. To their surprise Lord Shiva emerged from the light.

That column of light is Lord Shiva, represented by the fire element at Thiruvannamalai. The light is none other than Time, having no beginning or end. So, it can be assumed that Time is vertical and not linear as we have always thought, right? Perhaps, that is the reason why we point upwards to the heavens, as the future. That being everyone’s ultimate destination!! Then, obviously, the ‘patala’ is our past. Is it not typical of us humans to bury the past, sweep it under the carpet…..etcetera?

Come to think of it, Time has to be vertical and not linear. If our past, present and future is NOW in this present moment that I am typing this….then the stage when I was forming this in my head exists, the time now that I am typing exists and surely the completed post already exists! So all this cannot exist simultaneously on a linear line or number line (like my son used to use in his younger classes). So has the idea of writing about Time come to me from the completed post from the future? Clocks and watches are circular…well usually, only to demonstrate that Time is cyclical. Everything is in cycles. The knowledge of the Yogis and Rishis are brought through as the various healing techniques made popular in recent times. The flying machine must have existed in time, sometime, for the Wright Bros to pick up on…right? How could Vyasa have written of flying machines of Ravana in the Mahabharatha. How did Lord Ram fly to Ayodhya for his coronation?

What are we doing here? Are we picking something from the past and putting it in the future? Or is the future becoming our past? If Time is only NOW, then…..not only does my current life exist but also all my other lives IS existing simultaneously!! That means that Time is not moving….we are! Fine, the clocks ticks away…there is day and night. But it is us who undergo wear and tear and finally fade out…DEATH. Time is still there when we come back dressed in a new body. The Sun and the Moon are still there too. No guarantees about the moon though. That is if we decide to inhabit it, or mine it. The human touch….can sometimes be deadly, sadly.

 Let’s all continue till we make Satya Yuga our future….a wish…from the lotus pond.