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We have X number of books on how to achieve maximum in the minimum amount of time. Hmmmmm….time seems to be ticking away…That is why my favorite line is that life is too short, so don’t hold anger or jealousy, don’t blame someone else by depending on them. Do what you can and just be happy. It’s not worth carrying extra load.

So, having said that, how many of us actually implement all the good, workable and inspiring things we read in these helpful books? Many such books suggest one simple thing to do. WRITE down our goals, affirmations, dreams…whatever we want. But is it implemented? When we read it in the book, we are all geared up that this XYZ book answers our style. We think we will do these things. As soon as we put the book down, we forget. Then we end up having Monday blues! What is simple is pooh-pooh. People can’t accept that life IS simple.

Many go and join ashram groups, go to bhajan-kirtans, ‘sat-sangs’. They leave that area and ka-boom, they are back to their old selves. All that motivated them during the discourse they forget as soon as they have to haggle with the auto fellow. Or as soon as they get behind the wheel.

The person giving the discourse may have positive vibrations that can help motivate you for that duration. He/She may not necessarily have such an aura  for it to continue with us, as we leave the venue. It’s the feeling that we carry inside us that can further help us.  The book  awakens our enthusiasm, fires us up….then the levels just drop. What happens?

The discourses or books can just do that-Motivate. But it’s us who has to do the rest. Even a guru can take the disciple only so far. The ultimate journey is ALWAYS ours. The ways to re-align ourselves with God may be many but the effort is only and always from us. And yes, the way is simple. What is under our nose is never seen and rarely understood!!

 Wake up! Set goals, write down the affirmations, make charts or wheels, whatever works, but take the first step and DO something. We are taught ways to maximize our time on earth in this birth. So, let’s make sensible use of this opportunity. But just like we might want to be VP of the company we work in we must know and focus on where we want our life going.

Working on a better NOW….for that simple and fantastic experience of  BEING……from the lotus pond.


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I am back to the nautilus shell’s spiraling mystery. My facination has not waned. The more I look at it the more information seems to flow intuitively. So amazing, fantastic, mind boggling….any number of adjectives can be added but the best is humbling. Yes, the simplicity of Divinity is so humbling that it is an emotion that has to be experienced.

When a babe comes into this world we rejoice the arrival of a new life. We comment on what we see manifested. Along with the life in the baby, it’s counterpart death also exists, unmanifested. As we grow we Radiate outwards. Our energy is thrown into LIFE. With increasing age, deterioration sets into the physical. We begin our return journey to the centre , the bindu, from whence we began. Now, approaching DEATH is manifested and LIFE slowly becomes the unmanifested. The cycle of birth and death continues.

Having radiated outward in so many of our lives, if we can gravitate to the centre especially when the LIFE energy is at its greatest then we live in continuous bliss. Heaven on earth. Difficult? Yes. It requires determination, focus and perseverance. Impossible? Not at all. We break the cycle of birth and death. Then Lord Shiva stops wearing the mund mala as Devi Parvathi will always be by his side. That is the story of Amarnath.

Our rishis of yore, shared with us the benefits of the yantras. They are diagrams, usually geometrical and symetrical. They are symbols, the language of life. Meditating on a chosen yantra, makes you understand what it conveys fully. Egyptians and the Orients too used and use such techniques. Becoming the yantra itself , is going deep into the chosen object where no separation exists. The yantra is you and you are it. The first part, that is experiencing the separation, is radiation. The experience of oneness is gravitation.

Our breathing too is in cycles. We don’t have to go externally looking for yantras. If we can experience us by becoming the inspiration and expiration we will have attained oneness. There is a completely new and exciting realm within our own selves waiting to be explored. It’s inexplicable!

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A crow was my inspiration for this post! Well, why not? I was lying there looking out the window when I spotted a crow. Big fellow and completely black, no grey at all. I got to wondering about their communication. They caw and call on their kind to share the meat thrown in someone’s dustbin. They caw and swoop down to eat the rice and lentils topped with clarified butter at a brahmin’s house. So, do they have some sort of vocabulary? Do they add new words? ‘Ah no! What is the motivation for them at their level?’ is what I asked myself.

‘What is our motivation?’ I asked myself.

‘The excitement of growth’ came the reply from within

‘So who motivates us, God or ourselves? But if we are God (in the unrealized state) then who is the Motivator and who the Motivated?’ asked I.

When there is only the Absoulte who is both darkness and light, manifested and unmanifested then only the Absolute can be the Motivator and the Motivated. Both are separate AND the same ONE.

This reminds me of the nautilius shell with its spiral formation. We can go to the outermost manifestations that our desires can take us, ultimately,we have to take the journey back within. That is our Absoulte resting place. That journey we have all begun….

From the murky waters of the lotus pond, comes this light…..

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Ok, this post is different as I have till date not shared anything to do with alternative meds. But this whole episode was so interesting for me so……here I am. You never know…mayb somewhere someone is looking for this info.

This begins two days before my trip to Thiruvannamalai. I was having continuous sneezing. Clear and watery mucus. Usually, Nat Mur 6X does the trick for me. Having just partial relief and wanting faster results, I took a dose of Nat Mur 200. All the sneezing stopped. I did not give it much thought as I wanted to get the resort reservations done without delay. The next day when I had a few more sneezes I straight took another dose of 200. My sneezing stopped but by evening I had little eruptions all over my face and neck. What a way to begin my vacation!!

I put it down to an allergy and took something for it but nothing worked. I could not stand being in the sun as the heat would irritate it further. There was little burning but not much itching. For more than two days there was no cooking done by me but when I got back home I could not take the heat in the kitchen. It would aggravate my itchiness. To make a long story short, this is what I did. I took an antibiotic for 5 days and it subsided but I could not get rid of the dryness that I felt on my face. Frequent application of coconut oil only suited my skin, at that time.

After finishing the antibiotic course, in two days time it erupted once again! Understandably, I was upset and was running the events in my head that led up to this situation. I suddenly remembered the Nat Mur 200 dose that I took for my sneezes. On a hunch I went and read up its symptoms in the Materia Medica(Kent) and was amazed at what  goofball I had been. So, I started taking Nat Mur 6X once again, as and when the irritation set in. As it is a deep reacting tissue salt I needed it twice a day. After a week now, my skin is completely healed and does not feel like it is tightly pulled across the face.

I learnt not to fool around with 200 power. Unnecessarily!

Revelations…..from the lotus pond.

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We so desire to fill ourselves with happiness

Yet we are full to the brim with pain and hurt

We do not want to forgive or forget

Emotions push and pull us hither-tither

All this, only because of our own view on life

When the cup is full of thoughts and feelings

That have not brought an iota of happiness

Why hold it? Wash it out! Start afresh

Then will happiness can be felt, surging through

Every moment is new, with numerous opportunities

What is there to wait for? Go..LIFE is awaiting!



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Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you love working on puzzles? What if life itself was a big jigsaw puzzle? The experiences where we can say ‘ya, been there, seen that, done that’ would become a piece of the great jigsaw and just fit in its correct place. Another experience would present itself. Having completed a particular level we would have ‘earned’ many pieces of the puzzle but don’t exactly have the picture. That whole completed picture would be the ‘blueprint’ of our current life. That blueprint is why we chose to come back to Earth. That is what we set out to do but would not have. At least not all of it! ‘Time out’ takes place, eventually. Supposing we leave this game, of life, we will begin the ‘new game’ from the level we left off.


If my life was likened to an exquisite piece of art

Where I give myself pieces as points I have earned

Piece by piece, from bottom to top, I slowly build

A beautiful shapely vase is what it would be

It would appear as the holographic kind

I would be able to see the vase as the whole, the absolute

Yet the pieces I put together would also be seen

A touch of any piece, would information be revealed

Of how I came to earn that piece

All those pieces carry the essence of me

Of who I am in the life that is now

And of the lives taken by the soul…


Come tread along with me, on my inward journey….from the lotus pond…

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