Me and the road taken...thus far This flash back starts in the year 1993....I was persuing a Bachelor's degree at the time. I was having experiences of another kind. Now, I know it is called premonitions...but not then. I knew who's call was coming in even before I picked up the receiver...or who was at the door..I didn't give this much thought until a heavy suitcase fell on my little finger! Ouch! That really hurt. But what was amazing was that a voice or it would seem like told me not to pull the suitcase from that angle. I did not pay much attention to that warning.....so Ouch it was. After that wake up call many small things happened. One afternoon, I was suddenly awakened. There was no noise rather all was just too silent. I went looking for my mother and found her in the kitchen looking at the oil on the stove catching fire! She was transfixed. I ran to the bedroom, my blanket was still warm having just been snugly sleeping! Science lessons learnt long back came handy that afternoon. I can't imagine what else could have transpired as all the units were made of wood. Much disturbed, I sat by the window thinking about the signals that I was receiving...how could it be tapped and honed properly? Obviously, it wasn't just party games but something that helped conserve my family's well-being. After a few months my family arrived in India to live for good. India, my own country, was new to me and I found it an adventure to look forward to. As I had to be slowly led forward in my chosen direction(then I did not know...it was my destined seeking), I fell terribly ill. I was given two rounds of antibiotic and still was far from being well. Seeing my long drawn face a kind uncle took me to a homeopath living in our appartment complex. That marked my first step into the benefits of alternative healing. I recovered by leaps and bounds and was back to my bubbly self. I began a correspondence course in Homeopathy, so impressed was I with my healing. My desire of knowledge of the occult also gained its ground. I started reading many books but was thirsty for a teacher. After my father's retirement we decided to go back to our home that my father had proudly built. That meant a new place and many new beginings for me. I completed my Bachelor's degree and applied for the Master's. During this time, in my new environment, I began contributing to magazines and got a couple published too. Later, I was to meet a couple who quenched my thirst for knowledge of the occult phenomenas. Now, when I look back on that afternoon when I met them it looks like the thought that had become a thirst just led me to these people who lived in a world of healing. It was all and much more than I had ever imag

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