When we decide to be born, when we choose to live life on Earth again we without say accept to be educated. I did not intend it to be like this but I guess this one line itself speaks for itself by suggesting that we are students ( which we should be) for LIFE.

Un-learn and Re-educate

Through the process of nature and nurturing we pick up many ideas. As we grow we may choose to let go of some views, modify some or simply adopt new ones. Some we wonder why we even stuck on to. What has happened in the process is that opinions that we may have adopted from immediate family has been un-done or un-learnt from the system. We do not find the necessity to further subscribe to that belief. This unlearning is something that is an ongoing process if not day in and day out, at least a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever basis. We may not be sitting in a classroom setting but education does transpire and that too beyond classroom settings. So, are we not students for LIFE? We are.

Education-break the cycle

I remember a talk given by Joel Osteen where he shared something about breaking the cycle. Just because our parents thought and acted in a certain way and subsequently ailed due to their thoughts and actions (after all, you are what you think), we, the next generation did not necessarily have to follow in their footsteps, we had the choice to break that cycle. As we grew, many a time we may have thought to ourselves that when we become a parent we would not want to be like ours. Next time just observe your language. We probably use the same phrases our mum used to scold us.

Education+Experience= Evolution

We don’t know how to be an original parent, friend or lover. We stop being students when we leave, say, college. Originality and creativity is lost. We find it convenient to tread the known path that our parents once took. We fear change. So what do we do? We stagnate in the same muck, in the same mistakes that our parents did. Were our parents wrong? Not in the least. They did what they knew best. I would not be sitting here sharing this if it were not for the ‘philosophical evenings’ spent with the whole family. Our parents have actually released us (my brother and I) and made us independent. ‘Go do your thing!’ is how they have educated us. I’ve had it good, you say? Yes, I choose to see it that way. But whether we like it or not we live in a world of dualities and I too have made choices to evolve from the education received and thereby experiences perceived.


I have come across many people who have built towers in their field of specialization but have forgotten to simultaneously work on the walls for all round support. So life after lives we come specialize, bloat with ego and leave embittered. Our whole life we live off that tiny ledge on our tower. Where is the room for growth? An allopath chooses only to be an allopath. Very few equip themselves with other methods to bring about a wholesome treatment.

Less trodden path

Dare to be original. Let’s not build another tower. Let’s remember to add the walls this time. There is always room for growth.


My silent friendship (rather communication) with little squirrel began a few weeks back. One of the windows in the kitchen would be half closed. At first I thought it was the wind so would reach out and open the window. Again it would get closed. After a few attempts I just left the window half closed as it didn’t really bother me. A few days later I noticed a little squirrel hanging around the window, sniffing, waiting and hearing. Next, time I saw a small piece of rope made of coconut fibre was wedged in the half closed window. Little squirrel was on the window sniffing the air and waiting. I understood what it wanted to do. I just smiled.

Squirrel and the Others

Over the next few days a lot of coconut fibre got wedged in and my silent friend would move in circles inside its nest. I guess that is how it makes room for itself and its circular entrance. It is quite fascinating to watch them in action. They move so fast. They are not stealthy like the rodents nor are they heavy like the large variety of garden rodents, their specific name fails me (maybe someone can help me with thatJ). They are light like the mongoose (yes, we have them too in our garden and needless to say some meter long snakes too!) For your information, I do reside in the city.

Mr. Hygiene

At this point I think it would be interesting to share with you that once the babies move out the parent comes and cleans out the nest. I mean just as it wedged in all that material (their preference seems to be coconut fibre-maybe coz of the area they are in) they come and shove it all out and yes, clean up the area (very considerate of them, really) (unlike the smelly pigeons….). They build a new one each time (very hygienic).

Nature and Nurturing

So, this lil friend of mine is outside the nest around my tea time. When I am making tea he sniffs the air and listens. I guess he knows he is safe. I call out to my kids who get to view a part of nature up close and from the comforts of their home. Wow! They get to see a squirrels home from their home. How cool is that! But my lil one cannot contain her squeals and off dashes the squirrel. So, I experimented with him.

The (What) Sense

The next time I saw him lounging on the ledge I understood that our thoughts either send out signals to their sensitive senses or our smell gets transmitted when we think.  Sounds crazy? Not really. When I thought….well, thoughts, he would sniff the air like his nose would fall off! I stopped thinking (yes, it can be done with practice) and he would again be at rest. So, I guess it’s safe to conclude that our thoughts have energy and this energy which we may not be able to perceive (even though it originated from us) is easily picked up by these cute lil critters. If we accept that the word nature is derived from the root natus which means to be born, then I would say if we follow and understand nature it will allow us to remain innocent just like the new born babe. After all, the babe too is an eager student.

I wish to share with you…..if I could throttle you I would….if I could scream in your face I would…..but then, I have learnt over time that no one can change another. The desire should stir from within the self. So, I can only share with you, what I have learnt/experienced.

Like I voiced in my last post, Kundalini is not to be messed with unless you have worked on the yamas and niyamas outlined by the great sage Patanjali. See, in the days of yore, one’s physical body was the experimenting lab. They first conducted all the experiments on their person. They EXPERIENCED their hypothesis on their person. They did not require rats!! Edward Bach, the man behind bach flower remedies ‘became’ the plant he was researching on. In this way he was given the knowledge of which type of people would benefit from this remedy. It is a technique used by our rishis. So, if Patanjali has clearly stated that only following yamas and niyamas, can the rest flow smoothly, it was not without reason.

Following the path of Kundalini Yoga, or playing with powerful pranayams, is not to be compared with buying the latest gizmo and showing off to the neighborhood. This energy is very powerful and should be handled prudently. A soul enters a human body to carry out a particular divine plan. Having this extra energy and not utilising it specifically for your particular divine plan will bring about many health problems. The energy will move to where it is directed. If it is used up for work in the lower chakras it will end up burning those centres because they are just not made to hold higher, purer energy. You wouldn’t know why you have ended up with xyz health problems. When a fire is lit, it rises. If we put it out with water or sand, it dies. Same holds for the Kundalini fire within us, only what dies is the physical body that we have chosen.

Knowledge=freedom…….from the lotus pond.


My first post for 2011. And this post’s topic is Kundalini. Yup, the famous Kundalini. I’m not going to bore/enlighten my reader with the details of this Shakti. Plenty of material out there to confuse/enlighten. We all have freewill, so we can decide what to do with further reading.

Many now-a-days wish to ‘awaken’ the kundalini shakti. Many profess to teach the ‘art’/method. How many actually understand the meaning of this shakti. How many know what it is already doing within our physical frame. How many are aware what happens if the kundalini shakti is prematurely awakened.

The kundalini is a force, very natural and already active, within all us humans. For those who have observed, not merely seen, nature will understand that it runs its course. And a timely course at that! We are unable to pass urine or stools until time is given for the excreta to form. At the right time it is thrown out of the body. It is natural. Simple.

When we begin to learn driving, we lack steadiness and confidence. As we clear our obstacles, emotionally or physically the path clears automatically. It is natural. Simple. Nature is simple. When we first begin to clear the path by following our intuition, ‘still small voice’, hunch or reading and implementing conscientiously Patanjali’s yoga sutras, the path clears for Kundalini’s blissful chakral movements. Excreta/muck gathered over lives, that gathered in the course of the current life, has to be thrown out, so that a timely movement is given way to. She is the mother and she knows her child well.

Dear reader, whether kundalini enthusiast or not, remember that nature is simple. Nature takes a timely course.

Understandings…….from the lotus pond.

Positive success

We have X number of books on how to achieve maximum in the minimum amount of time. Hmmmmm….time seems to be ticking away…That is why my favorite line is that life is too short, so don’t hold anger or jealousy, don’t blame someone else by depending on them. Do what you can and just be happy. It’s not worth carrying extra load.

So, having said that, how many of us actually implement all the good, workable and inspiring things we read in these helpful books? Many such books suggest one simple thing to do. WRITE down our goals, affirmations, dreams…whatever we want. But is it implemented? When we read it in the book, we are all geared up that this XYZ book answers our style. We think we will do these things. As soon as we put the book down, we forget. Then we end up having Monday blues! What is simple is pooh-pooh. People can’t accept that life IS simple.

Many go and join ashram groups, go to bhajan-kirtans, ‘sat-sangs’. They leave that area and ka-boom, they are back to their old selves. All that motivated them during the discourse they forget as soon as they have to haggle with the auto fellow. Or as soon as they get behind the wheel.

The person giving the discourse may have positive vibrations that can help motivate you for that duration. He/She may not necessarily have such an aura  for it to continue with us, as we leave the venue. It’s the feeling that we carry inside us that can further help us.  The book  awakens our enthusiasm, fires us up….then the levels just drop. What happens?

The discourses or books can just do that-Motivate. But it’s us who has to do the rest. Even a guru can take the disciple only so far. The ultimate journey is ALWAYS ours. The ways to re-align ourselves with God may be many but the effort is only and always from us. And yes, the way is simple. What is under our nose is never seen and rarely understood!!

 Wake up! Set goals, write down the affirmations, make charts or wheels, whatever works, but take the first step and DO something. We are taught ways to maximize our time on earth in this birth. So, let’s make sensible use of this opportunity. But just like we might want to be VP of the company we work in we must know and focus on where we want our life going.

Working on a better NOW….for that simple and fantastic experience of  BEING……from the lotus pond.

I am back to the nautilus shell’s spiraling mystery. My facination has not waned. The more I look at it the more information seems to flow intuitively. So amazing, fantastic, mind boggling….any number of adjectives can be added but the best is humbling. Yes, the simplicity of Divinity is so humbling that it is an emotion that has to be experienced.

When a babe comes into this world we rejoice the arrival of a new life. We comment on what we see manifested. Along with the life in the baby, it’s counterpart death also exists, unmanifested. As we grow we Radiate outwards. Our energy is thrown into LIFE. With increasing age, deterioration sets into the physical. We begin our return journey to the centre , the bindu, from whence we began. Now, approaching DEATH is manifested and LIFE slowly becomes the unmanifested. The cycle of birth and death continues.

Having radiated outward in so many of our lives, if we can gravitate to the centre especially when the LIFE energy is at its greatest then we live in continuous bliss. Heaven on earth. Difficult? Yes. It requires determination, focus and perseverance. Impossible? Not at all. We break the cycle of birth and death. Then Lord Shiva stops wearing the mund mala as Devi Parvathi will always be by his side. That is the story of Amarnath.

Our rishis of yore, shared with us the benefits of the yantras. They are diagrams, usually geometrical and symetrical. They are symbols, the language of life. Meditating on a chosen yantra, makes you understand what it conveys fully. Egyptians and the Orients too used and use such techniques. Becoming the yantra itself , is going deep into the chosen object where no separation exists. The yantra is you and you are it. The first part, that is experiencing the separation, is radiation. The experience of oneness is gravitation.

Our breathing too is in cycles. We don’t have to go externally looking for yantras. If we can experience us by becoming the inspiration and expiration we will have attained oneness. There is a completely new and exciting realm within our own selves waiting to be explored. It’s inexplicable!


A crow was my inspiration for this post! Well, why not? I was lying there looking out the window when I spotted a crow. Big fellow and completely black, no grey at all. I got to wondering about their communication. They caw and call on their kind to share the meat thrown in someone’s dustbin. They caw and swoop down to eat the rice and lentils topped with clarified butter at a brahmin’s house. So, do they have some sort of vocabulary? Do they add new words? ‘Ah no! What is the motivation for them at their level?’ is what I asked myself.

‘What is our motivation?’ I asked myself.

‘The excitement of growth’ came the reply from within

‘So who motivates us, God or ourselves? But if we are God (in the unrealized state) then who is the Motivator and who the Motivated?’ asked I.

When there is only the Absoulte who is both darkness and light, manifested and unmanifested then only the Absolute can be the Motivator and the Motivated. Both are separate AND the same ONE.

This reminds me of the nautilius shell with its spiral formation. We can go to the outermost manifestations that our desires can take us, ultimately,we have to take the journey back within. That is our Absoulte resting place. That journey we have all begun….

From the murky waters of the lotus pond, comes this light…..